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Blue and red scarf - Ethiopia


My name is Einat Klein and this web store is a spin-off of my main project, the TravelLab. I offer unique personally designed tours and expeditions to the destinations all over the world, filled with excitement and the real adventures.

For the TravelLab ShopI bring the most beautiful things from some of the remote corners of the world. I select  unique handmade things from Africa, Asia and the Middle East for the shop according only to my own taste and intuition. They all would fit perfectly into the interior of my own home, and I’m prepared to wrap myself in a variety of shawls and scarves at all times.

Also, I recently presented with the “Rhythm of Ethiopia” collection with its own dedicated shopping isle. In short, tribes of Omo Valley impressed me deeply; this crystallized into the idea of ​​a jewelry collection inspired by Ethiopia. Now I make the jewelry in Israel using only the authentic beads from Kenya (this is where the tribes themselves shop) and Japan (the most quality beads). I want to point out that each item is custom-made to fit each customer.

So, TravelLab Shop  is a kind of an author’s shop that consists of the items that I liked the most during my travels and expeditions. Since all the items, from Ethiopian chairs to Sri Lanka candle-holders are handmade, there are no two identical copies, of course; but all of them are fabulous.

Shipping: We ship all over the world, to any part of the planet Earth where there is a post office. Shipping is flat-rate $3 for orders to Israel and $5 to anywhere else worldwide.


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