Cotton uncoloured runner (Konso tribe)

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Cotton uncoloured runner (Konso tribe) Sale!
Cotton uncoloured runner (Konso tribe)Cotton uncoloured runner (Konso tribe)

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This 2-meter long runner can serve as a great accessory at a coffee of tea ceremony, cut into pieces or used as a couch throw – you are limited only by your fantasy.

Konso tribe is known in Ethiopia for its bright clothing, bold design and natural materials. They use high-contrast stripes as the main decorative motive of the local textile. Edges of the runner are decorated with blue stripes, but the most of it is a natural non-dyed cotton. As it has not been processed in any way, you might be able to feel small parts of cotton bolls.

Material: unprocessed cotton, natural dyes , hand-made

Dimensions: 60×250 cm


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