Silk scarf “Turkish circles”


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Silk scarf “Turkish circles”

Product Description

This very vivid silk scarf from Istanbul is an absolute hit for the bright and warm summer and autumn. Incredibly elegant, but at the same time vivid and memorable, this scarf can become the central focus of your attire.

Its original ornament sets it apart from other scarves, and the highest quality of fabric is striking. However, it requires an extremely fine handling and a careful attitude, we would even say, respect.

For a long time, the export of silkworms from China was punishable by death . However, two Greek monks managed to steal few caterpillars and smuggle them out of China. One could say it was  the beginning of silk weaving prosperity in the Asia Minor. Over time,  the whole “silk cities”  formed, such as Bursa, Smyrna and many others. For centuries, Turkish silk has been considered to be one of the highest quality, the brightest and the thinnest. Turkish masters have brought  their unique patterns and national elements to the production of silk shawls , scarves and wraps.

Materials: silk
Dimensions: 90×90 cm



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