‘Lake Tana’s Dream’ statement necklace


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‘Lake Tana’s Dream’ statement necklace
'Lake Tana Dream' necklace'Lake Tana Dream' necklace'Lake Tana Dream' necklace'Lake Tana Dream' necklace'Lake Tana Dream' necklace'Lake Tana Dream' necklace

Product Description


This bead necklace is handmade in Israel and inspired by Ethiopia are reminiscent of the Lake Tana. Ten rows of beads beautifully wrap around the neck in a short version of a necklace, or dramatically fall on the collar bones in the long version. You can choose the desired style by specifying it in the comments to the order.

Lake Tana is the largest in Ethiopia and, of course, the most incredible. This place is known for its fantastic landscapes as well as more than 20 hermit monasteries, scattered over the small islands. The rhythmic alternation of the black beads of this necklace and the chaotic mix of orange, white and blue beads remind of the very  islands on the Lake Tana scattered on the surface of the water, the 50 rivers flowing into the lake, and, of course, of the majestic Blue Nile originating at the same Lake Tana.

For more details on how the ‘Rhythm of Ethiopia’ Collection was created, click here.

Materials:  metal thread, Kenyan beads, metal clasp .

Colors: black, orange, white, blue.

Please note: each item is custom-made with the dimensions of each customer. When ordering, please indicate in centimeters: neck circumference for the beads, the circumference of the wrist for a regular bracelet , and the shoulder girth  for a shoulder bracelet. This would make a piece fit you perfectly and give each product a personal touch.

Designer and creator: Einat Klein (Israel)



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