‘Afar gaps’ Necklace


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‘Afar gaps’ Necklace
Necklace ‘Afar gaps’Necklace ‘Afar gaps’Necklace ‘Afar gaps’

Product Description


This delicate bead necklace closely fitting one’s neck can be worn by itself or with some other threads of beads, combining patterns and colors. They look especially good with a wide beaded collar-necklace.

The rhythm of this  necklace’s pattern is inspired by the Afar tribe of the Northern Ethiopia. Jewelry for women and men of the Afar tribe is known in Ethiopia for its dark colors and high contrasts.

For more details on how the ‘Rhythm of Ethiopia’ Collection was created, click here.


Materials:  metal thread, Kenyan beads.

Colors: black, turquoise, red.

Please note: each item is custom-made with the dimensions of each customer. When ordering, please indicate in centimeters: neck circumference for the beads, the circumference of the wrist for a regular bracelet , and the shoulder girth  for a shoulder bracelet. This would make a piece fit you perfectly and give each product a personal touch.

Designer and creator: Einat Klein (Israel)


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